Welcome to Level Headed

We are a highly skilled team of carpenters/builders/remodelers. We love bringing out the beauty in old homes and creating characters in newer homes that crave a deeper soul. We prefer timeless over trendy. Gathering experience previously and actively on homes ranging from modern new construction to the houses built on dry stacked foundations of the 1800s, we have been able to refine our craft. Our team is well-equipped to handle renovations that require a special touch. How we set ourselves apart from our competition is in the details. Simple clean lines. Using the right materials chosen from local suppliers, we utilize our skills to create special spaces to improve your connection with the place you call home. 

John Mycek Jr. - CEO

We are looking for clients who want to improve their homes with new additions, kitchens, bathrooms, custom woodworking, home bars, home office/library builds, outbuildings, decks, and much more. Also seeking commercial clients looking for advanced woodworking, custom/classic bars, beauty salon/barbershops, and coffee shop builds.

Our Story

I grew up in a small town where I was surrounded by gorgeous old Victorian homes that, with no fault of their own, had become neglected. A town that would have been thriving and bustling when the mills and factories were still pumping, and people built these ornate homes, with such beautiful details. So many unique features I would discover, that you don't see in new homes built today. Stained glass transom windows above kitchen doorways, dumbwaiters, summer kitchens, hidden staircases in the back of closets, toilets with tanks above your head, window shutters that would fold away inside the walls to disappear into the trim work, and all the woodworking! These homes had so much character. You could tell who designed them and put their heart and soul into creating so much more than just a place of shelter. They made you feel something.
I can blame these memories, Legos, and one more important feature of my youth, that set the course for where I find myself today. We moved towards the end of elementary school to a new house in a neighborhood that was still being built. I found myself in a wooded neighborhood with an ample supply of free scrap wood and building materials. My building career had begun! Tree houses and countless fortress builds took up all my free time.

After graduating from the University at Albany with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and business (all while working full-time remodeling and tending bar), I decided to take both skills on the road. I moved to places including Phoenix AZ, Boulder CO, and Lake Tahoe CA, where I would work and try and figure out the important questions we all have in life. All the while working on such a wide variety of different architecture, building products, and materials specific to all the vastly different ecosystems of our country.

I started Level Headed Construction after moving just outside Washington DC. Thanks to all of our clients we have had the great opportunity to expand our skillset working alongside many top-awarded designers, real estate investors, and architects. We look forward to creating a space that brings out the same warm feelings I get while living my dream of making yours come true! Thanks so much for considering us for your next project.


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